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My experience with my wisdom tooth surgery was virtually painless and not as bad as I thought it would be ! The process was seamless and straightforward from arriving to my appointment to the oral surgeon’s room to being wheeled out to my ride. The day of the surgery was my first time seeing Dr. Edwards. He greeted me right before I was about to be put under anesthesia and although we only met briefly, he was so nice and friendly! I was administered laughing gas and the anesthesia, and the procedure lasted about an hour so I didn’t feel any pain since I was asleep. I didn’t feel any real pain when I woke up either. The most I felt that day when I was finished was nausea from the anesthesia wearing off, going in and out of consciousness, and numbness with my face being swollen along with spitting out blood once I got home. Other than that, I’ve swiftly been getting better during the healing process. I’ve been given painkillers and antibiotics for medication. The staff was nice and professional also and the environment was clean and was such that I was able to feel at ease about my procedure. Also a plus that gospel music was playing while in the room ! All in all, I’m definitely pleased with my overall experience here. 😁


Very excelente job! No pain at all everything went smooth. Until the next day you feel pain, but with the medication they prescribe you are good to go! 100% would recommend them!

Jamyleth Tirado

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions for my surgery.

sofia morales

The girls were great funny and put me at ease

Lupe Mata

I only been to the office once for the consultation. And my experience was very good. Everyone there was so nice and friendly I can tell they have patience in dealing with people. I get very nervous and anxious going to the dentist guess that’s why I’m in this position now. I don’t go! But I felt very comfortable there and I have confidence in the Dr and staff I have already recommended them to family members

Gigi Grisby

The staff was very nice and provided any information that needed to be known. They took great care of my daughter through the process of her oral surgery.

Monica Cristina Fabela Avilez

I think the Oral surgery staff did a wonderful job with my son. They made sure he was comfortable and it was quick surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth.

Jordan Webb

The surgery went well and I have no complaints how fast it was done. 👍

Patrick Long

I had a great experience, I went to have 3 wisdom teeth removed. I was scared but all the staff from the receptionists and the assistants were great. I don’t remember the name of the dentist who removed my teeth I just remember that she was Asian she did a great job and when I woke up I didn’t remember a thing. Thank you very much I really recommend this place.


“Dr. Joy at Estudillo Oral Surgery is very knowledgeable and amazing and would definitely recommend anyone who wants good oral care with professional and friendly service”.
Surekha Bajaj

Surekha Bajaj

Estudillo Oral Surgery is the BEST. They took care of me and my mouth and I will recommend them to my friends and family. Dr Edwards is the best!!

Mark Beacham

Thank you for truly changing my life Dr . Edwards

Kim Honey M

I have serious anxiety and stress when having dental work done. Dr. Edwards was so patient and with anxiolytic he gave me made my experience so successful. He is such a wonderful dentist

Renee H
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