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Full Mouth Extractions

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Sometimes decay or advanced gum disease has caused too much damage to your oral tissues and your teeth just can’t be saved. Full mouth extractions not only protect your oral tissues from dangerous infections but gets your mouth ready for dentures. If you are suffering from pain and infection full mouth extractions might be the right choice for you. Call Estudillo Oral Surgery located in San Leandro, California, to set up a consultation or book your appointment online.


Full mouth extractions involve pulling the natural teeth in your mouth in preparation for a dental prosthetic such as full dentures. The procedure can either happen all in one appointment or occur over multiple appointments. Depending on your unique situation and number of permanent teeth in your mouth, your Estudillo Oral Surgery provider will suggest a treatment path for you. 


Sometimes due to dental fear, finances, or a number of other reasons,Tooth Extraction Estudillo, CA you might have neglected your dental health for a number of years. At times, the best course of action is full mouth extractions to relieve you of pain or protect against dangerous infections. 

Conditions where full mouth extractions are often necessary include: 

  • Extensive decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Bone loss (in the jaw)
  • Extensive trauma
  • Certain cancer treatments
  • Genetic malformations

If you are already missing teeth or have excessive pain and swelling call Estudillo Oral Surgery to see if full mouth extractions are right for you. 


Recovery always depends on the person and your overall health. Right after your procedure arrange to have a friend or relative drive you home. In order to reduce pain and relax you during the extractions, you will be under the influence of anesthesia and sedation. Since the side effects last longer than the surgery itself, it isn’t safe to drive home on your own alone. 

For the first day or two after the procedure, you might feel some discomfort and swelling. Your surgery might prescribe you something for the pain or instruct you on NSAID pain medicine.

During the recovery process, you will need to care for the blood clots that form in the sockets where your teeth were. You need to be careful that the clots are not dislodged by actions such as spitting, heavy rinsing, and drinking through a straw. You will also need to try and avoid coughing and sneezing. Changing the things you eat may also be necessary. Crispy food can easily dislodge the blood clot so stick to soft foods such as pasta, eggs, and yogurt. Soups are good too but make sure they are not too hot.

For swelling, you might be prescribed a steroid and asked to ice the area throughout the day. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s directions exactly and to schedule timely follow-up appointments. 

To schedule your consultation for full mouth extractions, call the Estudillo Oral Surgery office, or book an appointment online. 



How long does a full mouth extraction take?

You can expect that a full mouth extraction takes longer than just a single tooth extraction. Though the added time to your appointment per tooth is not that much. Much of the time is used in the preparation and administering of the medication, which is usually a general anesthetic.

In the case of extracting one tooth, the entire process takes around 20-40 minutes. Additional teeth may take an additional 3-15 minutes to extract depending on the location and condition. Keep in mind, though, that some extractions are simpler than others. The kind of procedure that you will need depends on whether your tooth is impacted or visible. So this can affect the overall length of the procedure.

Are full mouth extractions painful?

At Estudillo Oral Surgery, we understand that many put off getting dental work out of fear of the pain. However, your comfort is our priority. During a consultation before the surgery, you will be able to discuss your fears and the surgeons will help tailor a medication plan for you. Usually, during a full mouth extraction, you will receive a general anesthetic so that you will be totally unaware of what is happening during the surgery. Any pain that you feel for the first few days after the surgery can be helped with a short prescription and after that over-the-counter painkillers will usually suffice.


The cost of a full mouth extraction will depend on how many teeth you need to have removed. The average cost of a simple extraction in California ranges from $150-$300 without insurance. Usually, a full mouth extraction can cost upwards of $3,000. But the location and level of complexity are both factors that affect the overall cost.

Another thing to consider is the type of sedation that will be used during the full mouth extraction, as this adds to the final cost of the procedure. For a detailed estimate, give us a call to discuss your options.

To schedule your consultation for full mouth extractions, call the Estudillo Oral Surgery office or book an appointment online.

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