We offer a complete range of dental care options, including consultations, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, repair of facial trauma, and dental implants. See our full range of services below.

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth, also known as your third molars, often don’t have enough room to grow in correctly. When this happens they become impacted in the jaw, putting you at risk of a number of oral health issues. Our team are experts in wisdom teeth extraction so you don’t have to live in pain and discomfort.
If you find suspicious tissue in your mouth or have a sore that doesn’t seem to heal, make an appointment with our talented surgeon right away. Our team are experts in oral pathology and can take a biopsy of your suspicious mouth tissues. Biopsies are used to rule out major health issues such as oral cancer.
Bone Graft
A strong jawbone leads to better oral health. Furthermore, procedures like dental implants can only be performed if your jawbone has enough density. If your bone has lost density, our team quickly and painlessly performs bone graft procedures from the comfort of our office.
Fractures to the facial area are painful and scary. You need the best care to heal your bones and have you feeling better again soon. Our talented surgeon will set and repair bone fractures in the jaw, cheeks, and eye area.

Dental Implants
Are you one of the millions of Americans missing permanent teeth? If so, dental implants provide a sturdy replacement teeth option. Our surgeon is an expert in implant procedures and is ready to restore your teeth and your smile.

Full Mouth Extractions
Before you can get dentures your remaining teeth need to be pulled. Other times, severe decay or advanced gum disease is harming your oral health. In cases like these, our surgeon might suggest full mouth extractions. Under our care, we make the process relaxing and pain-free.
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