What Should I Do If I Have a Tooth Knocked Out

Men Playing sports - Knocked out tooth San Leandro, CAYou are most likely to have a tooth knocked out either whilst playing sports or in an automobile accident. If this happens to you then you are statistically one of the unfortunate millions that this happens too. But don’t worry, if you take the appropriate steps then you may be able to save your tooth.

Steps to save your tooth

1. Find the tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out then locate it if possible and pick it up. When you do so be sure to pick it up by the crown, the part of the tooth that is normally visible, rather than the root. If you were to pick it up from the root it could damage the tooth and reduce the chances of saving it.

2. Rinse the tooth

Wash off any dirt using water. Don’t be tempted to use soap, chemicals or even toothpaste to clean it. Neither should you wrap the tooth in any sort of material, even the type used in medical emergencies.

3. Carry the tooth to the surgeon.

You can bring the tooth to Estudillo Oral Surgery to be put back in. But to get it there it needs to be carried properly. The best thing to do is to put it back inside your mouth between the gum and inside if the cheek. If this is not possible then you can put it in a sealed container full of milk or Save-a-Tooth®. Never fill the container water as teeth cannot survive long periods exposed to water.

4. Call ahead to the surgeon

It is important that you get to the surgeon as quickly as possible. Call ahead and let the office staff and the surgeons know that you are coming, informing them of your condition.

The surgeons at Estudillo Oral Surgery will then do all they can to save your tooth. If possible they will insert the tooth back into its socket and give instructions on how to care for your tooth during the recovery.

What happens if my tooth cannot be saved?

Here at Estudillo Oral Surgery, we recommend that you have a dental implant if your tooth cannot be saved. The surgeons will implant a titanium post into your jaw bone and attach a crown to the end, mimicking a real tooth. Not only are the implants more natural looking but they also aid in keeping the jaw bone strong by stimulating bone growth, preventing further tooth loss. The surgeons will coordinate all the work that needs to be done along with your regular dentist.

How can I reduce the risk of having my tooth knocked out?

Remember, safety first. Whilst playing sports use appropriate safety equipment. You can protect your teeth using a gum shield or a helmet if permitted. This will greatly reduce the chances of your tooth falling out.

When driving, be sure to always use your seatbelt. If you then have an accident this will help to prevent your face from smashing into the steering wheel or the back of the front seats.

You can also keep your teeth strong and healthy with good cleaning routines. It’s recommended that you brush for at least two minutes twice a day and floss them at least once. It’s also important that you have regular dental checkups to spot any irregularities.

If you have had a tooth knocked out or experienced any other dental emergency then do not hesitate to call Estudillo Oral Surgery.

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