What are the Benefits of a Smile?

African American woman with a healthy smile Estudillo, CAA smile is one of the most appealing expressions of the human face as it usually represents joy and happiness. However, there are benefits to smiling making it more interesting than just an expression. For us to take advantage of these benefits all we need to do is flex a few facial muscles. So let’s discover how we can benefit from a simple smile.

Why Smile!

Reduce Stress

When dealing with a stressful situation some may try to motivate themselves by saying that they will ‘grin and bear it’. You may be surprised to know that there is actually some truth in the old saying. The statement was tested in a psychological study to see if smiling really did help when facing stressful situations. What they observed was that when we give a genuine smile, a smile that engages the muscles around the eyes and mouth, then our own stress levels can be reduced. So why not give it a try? Next time you are facing a stressful situation, be it in traffic, or at the office, hold a smile for just a few seconds. You may be surprised to see just how effective it is.

Make Connections

When people smile we recognise certain qualities within the person. They seem more friendly and become more approachable. We may even trust them more. The opposite could even be said about those who don’t. When people have a more serious expression lacking a smile we may feel that the person does not want to be approached and we may avoid them. So which message would we like to pass on to others? When we smile, others will likely smile back and each time this occurs we are making little connections with others. These connections can help us avoid feeling isolated and bring us greater happiness. Knowing that we’ve made others a little happier too can bring greater satisfaction in life.

Increase Positivity

It’s been noted that smiling can bring positive changes in the brain. This is due to the chemical reaction that a smile can bring. Chemicals that make us feel happier such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonins all increase when we smile. The more we smile the more chemicals are released and the happier we’ll be.

It’s clear that a smile can have a positive influence on our lives. But not everyone feels the same way about a smile. Some due to tooth loss would prefer not to smile. Instead of bringing happiness, the idea of a smile brings shame or fear. If that’s true in your case, don’t let missing teeth rob you of the benefits mentioned in this article.

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