Most Common Facial Injuries

It is sad to say that around 3 million Americans visit the emergency rooms every year because they have some degree of facial trauma. On top of this number, there are an additional 5 million reports of knocked-out teeth. These statistics highlight the sad fact that facial trauma and injuries are widespread.

It is more common that these injuries will occur during automobile collisions and sports injuries. Injuries can vary from cuts and abrasions to things more serious that require surgery from a maxillofacial surgeon.

What are the most common traumatic facial injuries?

Knocked-out teeth

As previously highlighted, around 5 million injuries in the United States result in teeth being knocked out every year. If this happens to you then there’s a chance that you can save it. Pick up the tooth by the crown and place it back in the socket. If this is not possible then it can be placed between your cheek and gum. Then, as soon as possible, head to Estudillo Oral Surgery to have them fix it back in its proper place. Time is critical so be sure to call ahead to let them know that you’re coming and explain to them details about your injury.

Broken nose

Another common facial injury is a broken nose. They usually occur during automobile collisions, sports injuries or can even occur simply by falling over. If, after an accident, your nose is swollen for a couple of days without it subsiding and you have bruising around the eyes then it’s likely that you have a broken nose. It may also be difficult for you to breathe through your nose.

Broken jaw

The 10th most commonly broken bone in the body is the jaw. Trauma and complexity of the injury may vary but usually, only one side of the jaw is affected. If you have a broken jaw, along with feeling pain, you may also notice that your teeth do not come together properly. In addition, some have a loss of sensation in the chin or lower lip. It’s very important that your jaw heals properly – therefore, you will require the help of a maxillofacial surgeon to repair your jaw. It could lead to greater difficulties if you don’t.

Broken cheekbone and occipital bone

Fractures in your cheekbone tend to crumple inwards. Repairing these bones require intricate surgery to avoid damaging the eyes and sinus cavities. The occipital bones are the ones that surround and protect your eyes. You will experience swelling, bruising and pain if any of these are broken. It may also be difficult to open your eyes or breathe through your nose. 

What should I do if I have a facial injury?

If your life or your eyes are at risk after experiencing an accident then you must go straight to the emergency room. In other circumstances, call Estudillo Oral Surgery. Here you can receive emergency care for facial and oral injuries from one of our expertly trained oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They offer emergency, same-day appointments, whenever possible or you can call them on their out of office hours number.

You should apply some simple first aid to help you until you see a surgeon. Applying a clean gauze can help stop bleeding and ice can be applied to soothe the pain. We advise that you do not take any medication though as this could delay any treatment that you may need.

You will be in safe hands with the surgeons at Estudillo Oral Surgery. All have had comprehensive training and experience ensuring that your oral and dental health will be restored.

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