Highlighting the Different Varieties of Dental Anesthesia Options Available

Dentist injecting anesthesia into patient with nurse looking - Dental Anesthesia San Leandro, CAWith literally hundreds of millions of people in the United States reporting that they get at least a little bit nervous about visiting the dentist – even for something as routine as a checkup or cleaning – it should come as no surprise to anyone that surgical procedures at the dental office bring about even more fear, even more anxiety, and even more stress.

Luckily though, with the help of modern medicine and research, there are more dental anesthetic options available now than ever before to help patients with fears and phobias overcome these challenges.

Sedation dentistry is very popular these days, and should you choose to take advantage of the services available at Estudillo Oral Surgery you’ll be able to rely on top-tier solutions to keep you safe, keep you stress-free, and to eliminate as much pain as humanly possible – both during and after your surgery.


There are a variety of different dental anesthetic options available to take advantage of, ranging from local anesthesia like Novocain that is injected directly into the surgical area all the way up to IV and general sedation anesthesia options that “put you under”.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a very popular form of dental anesthesia as well. This allows for a semi-conscious state during the entire procedure, but one that is going to be free of pain and incredibly relaxing – with the added benefit of the effects of this sedation wearing off very quickly.

IV and deep sedation options are best leveraged by those that suffer from serious dental fears and dental phobias as well as surgical procedures performed at Estudillo Oral Surgery that necessitate the patient being unconscious during the process.


Finding the right dental anesthetic option for your specific needs really comes down to a variety of different factors, all of which should be discussed with the dental team at Estudillo Oral Surgery to figure out how to best move forward.

Diagnostic tests and examinations will be performed in advance to let you know which options might be best suited to you and your specific needs, and at the end of the day, you and your dental team will be able to come to a conclusion about how to leverage dental anesthetic solutions best during your procedure.

For more information and details, contact the experts at Estudillo Oral Surgery at your earliest convenience.


Is dental sedation available for every procedure?

In 99.99% of situations dental sedation of some form or another can be taken advantage of to help you get through any procedure at Estudillo Oral Surgery, regardless of how innocuous (or serious) it may appear on the surface.

Is it safe to leverage dental anesthetic options?

One of the big fears and phobias of visiting the dentist for dental surgery is the fear of dental anesthetic options either not working or not being safe. The professionals at Estudillo Oral Surgery will make sure that you are taking care of every step of the way, recommending only solutions that are proven to be effective and 100% safe.

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