Highlighting the Biggest Benefits of Dental Implant Hardware

Closeup of man's smile - Dental Implants San Leandro, CADental solutions designed to help people rebuild and restore their smiles have come a long way since George Washington and his wooden dentures. This is good news considering the fact that around 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth – and nearly 40 million Americans are missing all of their adult teeth!

Dental implants are all the rage these days and for good reason. Effectively replacing missing teeth with a 1:1 permanent replacement in a way that dentures can’t, these are incredibly advanced pieces of dental hardware that can bring your smile back to better than brand-new condition almost immediately.

Big Benefits of Dental Implants

The reason that professionals like our team at Estudillo Oral Surgery appreciate dental implants so much is because we are able to offer as close to a “real deal” tooth experience for those missing teeth as humanly possible.

Dentures and bridges may work from a strictly cosmetic standpoint, but only dental implants have the same kind of underlying architecture and structure that act just like your adult teeth do.

This means that you’re going to be able to bite, chew, speak, and smile naturally once again – all without worrying about your dentures sliding all over the place or dental bridges popping loose.

Combine that with the fact that dental implants can be taken care of just like “real” teeth – brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, etc. – and that they can be made to look exactly like your existing teeth, restoring your smile immediately, and it’s easy to see why they are so beloved.

Better Understanding the Implant Process

The dental implant process the experts here at Estudillo Oral Surgery follow is pretty much the industry standard.

The process begins by first examining and x-raying your jaw to make sure that everything is ready for posts to be drilled and installed directly into your bone.

From there, anchors are screwed into your jaw and topped by a “temporary” crown to fill the space in your smile. A couple of months are allowed to pass so that your bone grows around the anchor that has been installed, at which point in time dental implants will be secured to that anchor point – creating a permanent solution that looks, feels, and acts just like regular adult teeth.

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Am I a candidate for dental implants?

The beautiful thing about dental implants is that they work for almost everyone, regardless of the reasons behind your missing teeth. A quick consultation with dental professionals will let you know if you have the green light to move forward with these pieces of dental hardware.

Are dental implants prohibitively expensive?

Though dental implants remain a relatively new “technology” the cost of them has come down significantly in just the last few years. These dental implants are more affordable than ever before.

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